Peer-to-Peer Direct and Anonymous Distribution Overlay (P2PRIV) is an academic R&D project aimed at combining high-anonymous and low-latency P2P communications.

Designs, and manufactures specialty optical fiber solutions including hermetic, harsh enviornment, polarization-maintaining, rare-earth doped fibers, as well as cabled fiber solutions.

Manufacturer, designer, builder and installer of mosaic mimics, control and MCC panels in various materials. Also suppliers of field wiring and PLC control programming.

News and Products about the OLED/Pled Display technology.

OLED (Organic LED) information, news, articles, forums and more.

Supplier of data and video display boards. LED, LCD and plasma displays for presenting sports scores, financial prices, messages and advertising. Scrolling LED tickers of information.

Tips and references which include circuit design, parts listing, EMC and reliability testing.

Fiberscopes in general is composed of image fiber, an objective lens,an eyepiece and other equipments. Epsilon fiberscope products exhibit excellent properties of the direct transmission of pictures.

This is a specialist company designing and manufacturing advanced scientific instrumentation. Their activities include electronics, optoelectronics, micropositioning automation, plasma diagnostics.

UK based manufacturers of industrial and scientific lasers and pulsed laser systems such as pulsed YAG lasers and Nd:YAG Lasers.

Lumenteck promotes a platform for Electronic Ballast Technology, Tubular Fluorescent Energy Saving Lamps and Unique Technology.

Printed circuit board manufacturer specializing in quick turn, prototype, and multilayer PCB fabrication.

Provides the real-time location of people (such as offender monitoring) and valuable assets through location-based services technology that goes beyond GPS.

Providing the optics and photonics equipment businesses need, whether it's from specific specs, tight delivery schedule or a quick ramp up.

Electronics engineering company. Electronic circuit and printed circuit board (PCB) design. Experience in analog and digital electronics, audio, video, microprocessors, RF and microwaves.

Resource of free information, tutorials and articles about all aspects of radio and electronics.

Provide TrapServer to notify of equip. faults within telcom infrastructure or telcom service providers to companies in specialized markets incl. Utility, CLEC, ILEC, Govt. Agencies, Wireless Carriers.

Fun site focused on the latest inventions, innovations and interesting ideas. Also, offers extensive resources and tools for independent inventors.

Market Research Reports on Nanotechnology analyze the impact of nanotechnology on both established and emerging markets with a focus on the realms of communications, IT, semiconductors, and energy.

Size reduction technology manufacturer used by companies worldwide to create leading products more efficiently.